Goal Oriented Pedagogy

We at Tilak Education Society believe in developing instructional strategies by setting learning goals based on the student’s background, ability and environment. Learning goals cannot be same for all students even if the overall objective is the same. It entirely depends on the child’s goal orientation.

Goal orientation refers to the child’s reasons for engaging in various learning behaviours. This may be due to a desire to acquire knowledge or to do better than others or to avoid failure. Through regular one-one interactions with students and parents, our teachers assess each student’s intrinsic motivation and level of persistence to achieve a desired goal. These interactions have been useful in giving students an opportunity to express themselves better, setting achieving targets and giving good results. While individual and course goals may differ, the overall objective of this approach is to ensure that every student acquires the skills and the abilities to have a successful career and face the challenges of the future.

Our excellent results at all levels year-on-year are testament to the success of this approach. These efforts go long way in reducing peer-pressure and builds the child’s confidence.