Holistic Development

Holistic Development is an approach to learning that emphasises on the importance of intellectual, physical, emotional and social abilities of children so that they are capable of facing challenges of the future.

Tilak Education Society firmly believes in imparting holistic education through academic excellence, infusing professional competence, instilling human values and developing societal skills in its students. We firmly believe that holistic education is the cornerstone of inducing leadership ability in children.

Every child is unique and is blessed with his/her own strengths and abilities. The educational curriculum and the teaching method must help the child understand his/her abilities and develop it further. Holistic education aims to go beyond the realms of conventional education which caters only to intellectual development and tries to focus on developing the innate abilities of the child.

While most institutions focus on holistic education at the early childhood level, our institutions strive to impart this unique learning approach at every stage of their academic development.

Our institution tries to achieve this through

  • Experiential learning
  • Problem solving approaches
  • Critical and abstract thinking
  • Developing social and interpersonal abilities
  • Team and group-based learning activities
  • Developing physical capabilities
  • Self-Regulation through human values
  • Developing a child’s emotional quotient
  • Linguistic Development